Monday, January 31, 2011

Perfect Newborn Books

Today I ordered four books from Barnes and Noble for my new little one. Black on WhiteWhite on BlackWho are They?, and What is That? are all high contrast image books written and illustrated by Tana Hoban. These books feature bold solid patterns that are designed specifically for newborns. These books also help develop a newborn's eyesight. Plus, they are great for older babies to learn common images!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diaper Venture

Over the last months I have been on a venture to find the best diaper for my newborn. I used disposable Pampers diapers with my first child and was pleased until Pampers switched to their dry max formula. My daughter and many other children experienced severe reactions from these diapers. We decided to start potty training and switch to a different brand of training pants. However, I do not want the same problem with my next child, so I started looking into alternative diaper options.

I quickly found that the best option for my newborn will be cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are free of all the harsh chemicals that diaper companies currently use in their products. Cloth diapers are also the most eco-friendly diaper option available. (Each year nearly 23 billion disposable diapers go into U.S. landfills, which take approximately 500 years to decompose.) Another benefit of using cloth diaper are the hundreds of dollars you will save each year.

Although all these facts sound wonderful, I will admit that I was a bit nervous to use cloth diapers. I immediately pictured the old school bulky cloth diapers with safety pins that my parents used (props to Dad & Mom). However, cloth diapers are totally revamped with countless easy options that are convenient  for busy parents. I highly suggest visiting your local Cotton Babies store or online at to learn more about cloth diaper options.

Flip Cover
After doing tons of research on cloth diapers, we are choosing the Flip System by Cotton Babies. The Flip System is a hybrid cloth diapering system with multiple options. There is a one-size adjustable cover offered in a variety of cute colors with snap closers or hook and loop velcro closers. There are also three insert options with the Flip System: stay-dry cloth inserts, organic cloth inserts, or disposable dye-free inserts. This is a great option for classic prefolds too.

Flip Cover Features
Flip Cover Adjustable Snap System

Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving Season = Baby Room Project

For almost the last seven years my husband and I have moved to a new dorm or apartment every 6 to 12 months. We are finally living in a home were our little family is feeling settled and I am happy to announce there is no moving for us this summer (just heard a sigh of relief from our families). However, to make our current living space work with another little one we decided to switch rooms. Our two little ones will now live in our large master bedroom with lots of space for their toys and all the other wonderful things that come along with a newborn and toddler. I really want both of my children to feel as if they have their own personalized space throughout the next year or two. The perfect solution to divide a large space in a room is a ClosetMaid 9 Cube Organizer. We bought two of these organizers last week from my all time favorite store, Target. We also bought eight ClosetMaid fabric drawers for these organizers (four mocha and four lime green to go with the safari theme). Our mission this weekend is to get both organizers put together ... photos coming soon!

ClosetMaid 9 Cube Organizer

ClosetMaid Fabric Drawers

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Boy Names

All the baby gender tests (old wives tails, Chinese birth chart, & Itelligender) that I have tried have pointed towards boy. Either I am really having a boy or I proven everything in pre-ultrasound gender testing history wrong. We will see if the baby boy list counts in a few weeks (no particular order)...

Anderson (Andy)
Colson (Cole)
Colton (Cole)
Cooper (Coop)
Grayson (Gray) Dean
Huntington (Hunt)
Jackson (Jack) Cole
Macoupin (Coop)
Madden (Deny)
Oliver (Olly)
Quincy (Quin)
Remington (Remy) Gray
Theodore (Theo) Hugh

Currently, my top baby boy names are Grayson, Jackson, Oliver, Remington, and Theodore. My favorite boy name right now is Grayson (Gray) Dean. Also, I love ring that the name Remington (Remy) has for a boy or girl. Oh the countless possibilities!

Baby Girl Names

When individuals find out you are pregnant the first three questions they immediately ask are 1. When are you due?  2. Are you have a boy or a girl?  3. What baby names do you have picked out? So what better blog post to publish next than baby girl names (no particular order)...

Addison (Addy) Sage
Aubrey (Bree) Anna
Audrey (Audy) Anna
Bailey (Bail)
Camille (Camy)
Charlotte (Loty)
Dakota (Kota)
Emerald (Emmy)
Emery (Emmy)
Genevieve (Geny)
Gwyneth (Gwyn)
Isabella (Izzy)
Kennedy (Keny)
Lillian (Lily)
Mackenzie (Macy)
Montgomery (Mony)
Olivia (Livy) Jade
Remington (Remy) Jade

Just to name a few! Although I love all these names, I realize my baby can only have one name. Currently, my top five names are Dakota, Kennedy, Montgomery, Olivia, and Remington. I will admit my favorite is Olivia Jade, but time will only tell!

Baby Book Vs. Blog

Who needs a baby book when you can blog about your pregnancy and newborn? Maybe that's the net generation talking in me OR the second child syndrome that I inherited from my mother (only my older brother was special enough to have a baby book). Either way, I am excited to start my blogging venture. Cheers to the next 5 months of pregnancy!