Thursday, September 29, 2011

Princess Madison

This year is the first time that Mady has truly been able to pick out her Halloween costume by herself. Let me tell you that it has been such a hard decision for her to make. One week she is skeleton, the next a pumpkin, the next a fairy, etc. Well she has been set on being a butterfly for the last two weeks (she even practiced how to fly around the room), so we ventured out to look for a butterfly Halloween costume early today. Long story short... Mady will be Snow White for Halloween this year! She loves her costume so much that she wanted to try it on tonight - Enjoy the photo! 

Kick & Play Piano Gym

Grayson is becoming very active! He needed something to occupy his time, so he got a kick & play piano gym today. He absouletly loves it!

Grayson loves his new gym!

Mr. Active kicking his piano :)

Sissy wanted to play too :)

It's a tough life!

Mady is "sharing" her brother gym.

Grayson Loves Bananas!

Grayson did awesome the last couple of days with peaches! He had no allergic reactions, so we are on to bananas. It's his new favorite food!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Grayson's First Baby Food

To celebrate his second month birthday, Gray had his first taste of baby food this afternoon! I know the mom (and Dad) critics will be out to get me on this blog post as some wait four, six, or even twelve months to add first foods into their baby's diet. However, this technique worked fabulously with Mady as her pediatrician started her on rice cereal at two months old. Then every week we added a new baby fruit or veggie to her diet along with her breast milk. Luckily, Gray was able to skip right to his first foods as his pediatrician has had him on rice cereal for quite some time due to his severe reflux. The rice cereal really helps weigh down the breast milk or formula in his little belly. Nonetheless, Gray loved his first taste of Plum Organics peaches. Enjoy the photos :)

Grayson was so excited!

Grayson loved his peaches!

And back to sleep he goes :)

Grayson's 9th Week

Baby Gray ended his ninth week much better, especially after his hospital pneumonia scare last weekend. He is becoming a very active two month old (as of this morning) - lots of kicking, jabbering, and who could miss that heart-breaker smile! He also is becoming very independent (just like his Sissy) as he is starting to hold his own bottle. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grayson's 7th Week

Baby Gray absolutely loves bath time!

Baby Fresh Clean :)

Little Monkey

Such a sweet little pouty face 

Monkey sleeping in his safari crib :)

Daddy's Little Buddy <3

Daddy Time

Monkey & Daddy <3

Daddy helping Mady color her kitty mask!

Kiddos matching Halloween Skeleton PJs :)

Little Skeleton  

My handsome boys <3

Sissy Time

Sissy holding her baby brother's hand <3

Sissy kisses for Baby Grayson

Sissy blowing kisses to her baby brother :)

"Let's go bye bye Baby Grayson!"

"Mommy, Baby Grayson wants his binky."

Sissy is such a big helper!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Grayson's 6th Week

Gray loves his bath time!

We're going to Grandma's house tomorrow :)

Gray & Grandma Danette

Gray watching Grandma make dinner

Gray playing outside with Papa & Sissy <3